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Catching up to 2019

Big news: we’ve officially collected 1000 pairs of socks! I picked up several right before the holidays and another was dropped off last week. Thank you so much to our friends at WEA Trust, Create-ability, Middleton High School, UWHC, and the Wisconsin Foundation and Alumni Association! Your efforts are very much appreciated! With winter now firmly upon us, I am very grateful to be able to provide homeless children and adults with an extra layer of safety for their toes, and comfort for their whole bodies. So far we’ve gotten 601 total pairs out to Santas Without Chimneys and MACH OneHealth, and are just waiting to hear that either they’re ready for more, or that another organization is in need. We currently have lots of ankle socks in adult sizes in white and medium-weight socks of all styles in black. We are happy to hold on to them until springtime, but if your organization can use them now, please be in touch!

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